Custom Millinery & Couture Boutique


Tired of fast fashion with no character and no individual expression? “Haute-couture millinery” is the core value of Audrey et Auguste Millinery & Accessories, we inherit the English & French tradition of crafting class thread by thread into our hats to show ones true self.

The brand has production base in Hong Kong and each headpiece is guarantee to be handmade using the exquisite material without sparing any expenses.
Our brand also has cross-over collection from designers and workshops from England, Ireland, France and other parts of Europe.

Our product is not only fashion art but art of fashion with the refined elegancy of European tradition.



We believe true fashion is from the model "Less is More" with the determination of handmade classics.


Audrey et Auguste Millinery & Accessories team focus on creating fashion by hand with clean and simple concepts streamlining from design to production. We welcome any partnership opportunity.

For further information, please contact with Ms. Connie Wong.

Previous partnerships:

— Fashion expos;
— Fashion magazine;
— Live millinery hat making demonstrations;
— T.V. interviews;
— Movie props;
— Hats and Millinery Sharing;
— Cooperate uniform hats and accessories design;
— Official vendor for large horse racing events, etc.


Photo by #442 ME Magazine, Next Media LTD HK.
Hat by Audrey et Auguste Millinery & Accessories, Fiona Collection.